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Xiling Snow Mountain International Tourist Resort

Xiling Snow Mountain is located in Dayi County,Chengdu,Sichuan Province,which covers a total area of 483 ㎡, with altitude 1260—5364m. The highest temperature in summer is 25℃, and the lowest temperature is -6℃. The snow cover period is from November to the end of the next March every year. The snow cover is above 60cm thick with excellent quality snow, it forms the unique spectacle of sea and snow plain in southern area, is honored as the "Alps in the East".

Xiling Snow Mountain Skiing Field is the largest skiing field in South China, as well as the largest mountain grass skiing field, grassland leisure sports field and mountain leisure sports field. It is only 110㎞ to Chengdu, and high-class roads are built to support with extreme convenient transportation.

The skiing field covers a mountainous platform of 7㎡, with an average altitude of 2200m. It is honored as the "Ice and Snow Land in South China" and "Alps in the East", is the unique ice and snow scenic spot that has condition to apply for the holding of Winter Olympic Games.

The mysterious "yinyangjie" is the watershed of Sichuan Basin and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau: the west part is Qinghai-Tibet Plateau climate, cold and dry. The east part is Sichuan Basin climate, warm and wet. The warm air from the basin meets the cold air from the plateau on Baishagang and forms the unique scene: bright sun and blue sky in the southeast of the mountain, while black clouds and heavily rain in the northeast of the mountain. The two worlds of "Yin and Yang" are clear and extremely changeable, which is really rare in the world, and intriguing for people.

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